Brand colour management for packaging

Colour drives consumers choices


of purchasing decisions are made based on colour

Ushus-Journal of Business Management 2017

What are your brand colours?

In packaging, important brand colours are described as spot colours. Using swatch guides alone results in noticeable colour differences of up to 6 Delta E (2000). Our ColoRecipe® system precisely communicates brand spot colour information. Standardise your brand colours by supplying the complete specification.

"Will the brand and consumers think I’m doing a good job if they see that amount of colour variation?"

Wonders Every Brand Manager

Colour consistency is vital

Consumers do not trust products where packs appear inconsistent.

Brands that display brand colours consistently have greater brand equity and command higher pricing. Using swatch guides alone will result in noticeable colour differences between printers and print runs.

Why your brand colours are inconsistent

Without ColoRecipe®, you are matching a new target every time your packaging goes to press. Your brand becomes a chameleon, eyeing a new target every time. Just like a chameleon your brand identity will eventually become


Close the colour loop

Supports visual and instrument verification

Colour is not just measured. It is also seen.

Our PATENTED ColoKey® allows press operators and brand owners doing on press approvals (OPA’s) to visualize ISO colour aims clearly. Using a perfectly neutral gray and isolating colours it eliminates colour memory and makes the human eye a very effective instrument to make important colour decisions with ease.

Compatible with process verification systems

ColoRecipe® and ColoKey® tie in seamlessly with any process verification system aiming for an ISO standard. It is unique in providing the exact same aim values for proof and print in both CMYK and spot colours.

Compatible with ink formulation systems

Distribute packaging artwork via cloud

Acme Colour Cloud™ allows you to easily upload your packaging artwork for distribution to packaging print companies. This ensures they receive all the necessary colour information to mix brand colour inks and match your signed proof on press.


Have you ever wondered why you sign off colour accurate contract proofs (croms) for flexo, gravure and offset but NOT for digital presses? ColoRecipe® describes brand colour aims on both conventional and digital presses and uses our PATENTED method of choosing the closest brand colour match.

Colour training and OPA's

We provide on site COLOUR TRAINING with your team. This ensures they can champion brand colour aims and make correct colour decisions. Learn about how colour is related to vision, instrumentation, lighting, spot inks, process inks, proofing, digital printing and much more.

We can also assist our customers with on-site, ON PRESS APPROVALS (OPA’s) nationally and via the cloud internationally. Let’s get the job right and done in record time!

You are not alone. We are a team.

We PROTECT your brand colours and take RESPONSIBILITY for printed results. Brand Owners who use ColoRecipe® can REST EASY knowing that we will communicate colour clearly on their behalf and represent their interests in order to achieve the best possible results. Think of ColoRecipe® as COLOUR INSURANCE, ensuring you are never in the firing line for colour failures and print rejections. When you close the colour loop, you truly OWN your brand colour. You are SAFE, protected by clear colour policy. Consumers TRUST your product and this results in increased SALES.

We solve these colour problems

Spot colours

Current swatch guides DO NOT MATCH each other / proofs / digital presses / values loaded on instruments.

Process colours

Printers and Brand Owners DO NOT have a visual control tool to verify that process aims are being achieved.

Conventional and Digital Print

Currently conventional and digital presses match visually different spot colour swatches, resulting in unacceptable variation for brand owners.